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Look at this place! An April evening in Boulder is one of the most wonderful experiences in the world. Each Spring I wait for that crossover moment when all of the sudden I realize that I’m no longer chilly and everything about Boulder is making me smile…and tonight it finally happened!

I wrapped up work (trust me, I’m just as surprised to be saying “work” as you are to be hearing it) and made my way downtown to see Erin for the first time in what felt like months. I was running late so I creeped “The Treasurer’s” spot at the courthouse and then jowked (jogged/walked) toward Pearl to make my way down to Full Cycle for the Venus De Miles meeting. Fully expecting to see cold bricks and empty planters I was absolutely shocked to turn the corner and find the tulips on Pearl in full bloom and the mall all a flutter with evening fun. The air was warm, all the “entrepreneurs” (read out of work rich people who have no beneficial skills due to pursuing degrees in nonsense) were laughing, the little boys with the huge wooden xylophones were back (expecting $10 tips for banging out a bunch of random notes)… and then it hit me, warm weather is finally here and I absolutely LOVE living in Boulder!

Funny story about the tulips on Pearl. They are a HUGE feather in Boulder’s cap and as a result their importation, planting and care are given a large chunk of the city’s budget. The city gives more to the tulip effort then they give to all of the social programs combined. Council members who have suggested scaling back the tulips for the sake of money have been called Republicans and run out of office and those who protect the tulips have gone to blows over any and all mistreatment of a single flower. Last year some drunk college kids were roughhousing in the middle of the night and ended up destroying swath of tulips. The incident was described as “Floral Devastation” and the town held a memorial for the deaths. This is not a joke.