About Spice

Crested Butte Summer 2011

I’m Spice Jones, a writer splitting time between my urban roots in Atlanta, Ga and my spiritual retreat, Boulder, Co. I write random things, I share random photographs, and spend the bulk of my energy trying to shape an extremely twisted sense of humor into something productive (read lucrative).

In my past life I was a Producer in the film business. I traveled to many places and had the most amazing experiences but eventually realized (with the help of angry friends) the craziness was having an impact on my soul and I needed to jump ship before the damage turned permanent and I was disowned by those I loved. Now I’m a writer who turns to gardening and homemaking when the creative blocks set in. In the Summer I plan weddings for Colorado brides and in the Winter I build fires and craft in an effort to balance out a crack worthy addiction to reality television… she who is without sin may cast the first remote.

My greatest achievement to date is reeling in my AMAZING husband. Chris is a camera operator in the film business, a balls to the wall adventurer and a gifted chef who’s idea of a great time is spending long evenings preparing insane meals for just the two of us to enjoy – SCORE!

My secret delight is being one of the many women who love the freedoms that come with non-motherhood and unconventional work. My hope for this blog is to share the joys I share daily with my like minded friends and hopefully spread the confidence (where’s my soapbox? where’s my microphone?) for all women to embrace their resistance to corporate job applications, to face down the stares of pity for not wanting children, and to build stress free lives filled with the rewards that come from loving simple pleasures… because this is what life is truly about.

1 thought on “About Spice”

  1. Reading about you, Spice, I find out that Chris is a chef (!!) You guys never mentioned that he cooks too. I guess that’s a secret that stays in Atlanta! We’ll miss you at the Thanksgiving table this year. I look forward to your blog entries, but do replies get published as in Facebook?

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