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As you probably know, Boulder is pretty big on redefining “alternative”. Alternative energy, alternative transportation, alternative education, alternative healing, alternative eating, alternative exercise…alternative alternative. And as much as we love redefining it, we LOVE putting it out there for the world to see… usually with a tiny hint of “better than you”. And I can’t lie. I’m right there with my community when it comes to flaunting the privilege to be weird.

Tube To Work Day on Boulder Creek

Joel Haertling prepares for his commute to his job at the Boulder Public Library on Tube to Work Day on Tuesday, June 25, 2013 in Boulder, Colo. Photo: The Daily Camera, Paul Aiken

Now within Boulder’s drive to be alternative to the rest of the world comes another, very interesting, level of, shall we call it, “a little friendly competition of consciousness” where we strive to out-alternative each other…

Tube To Work Day

Jeff Kagan hurtles down the first rapid on Tube to Work Day on Tuesday June 25, 2013.
Photo by Paul Aiken

Meet, Tube To Work day. Boulder’s alternative to Boulder’s own Bike To Work day. Only in Boulder.

And I love it!