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After 7 years of anniversary posts on all of the various blogs I’ve started and eventually neglected, I think everyone has heard the story of our wedding and seen our amazing pictures from Paul and Michelle Johnson (still the best pics I’ve ever seen) and learned every reason why a wedding planner working for one of the top wedding planning companies in Colorado opted to eloped to the beach instead of slimming down for her favorite Vera Wang to orchestrate an incredible mountain bash with live bluegrass, festival lights, signature cocktails and a succulent pig roasting on a spit with a shiny red apple in its mouth… I might be vegetarian but I still believe Southern hospitality is a must if the goal is to host a monumental celebration. So I’m sparing you the lovey dovey talk and simply posting a few links along with a photo collection that still says it all.

Still having a blast! Thanks for asking sweetie!

Still having a blast, sweetie, thanks so much for asking!