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All the credit for this goes to a FB acquaintance… which basically means Fox News.

In addition to “Beer For Bums”, and “Cellphones for Bums”….

I agree with keeping people on welfare FOREVER!

I want my parents and their friends to work two jobs while young able-bodied people live on handouts and get FOOD STAMPS!!! Seriously, who in the hell wants to learn how to fish?

I want the guys in the military (including the 4 in my family) to go off to war ill prepared and underfunded.

I believe in death squads… the more the merrier!

I want Obamacare to drain the system and leave everyone living on the streets…maybe the Baby Boomers will have to work THREE jobs!

All the ultra conservatives are exactly right, my vote had nothing to do with supporting a political party that sees women as equals and believes they are capable of making thoughtful and conscientious decisions for themselves and their families. And I certainly didn’t consider the idea that maybe the less fortunate should continue to get some support until we as a nation are back on our feet… and of course I see no difference between those who have real needs and those who are milking the system. Yes, I didn’t consider the ramifications of losing our credit rating and selling our country to China. I seriously have no clue about the dangers of the debt that’s been created and gave no thought to whose plan made more sense to me and my community.  On top of that, the notion that the US needs to work with the international community instead of telling them what to do never crossed my mind. I can’t imagine why we need to tread lightly as we move into an energy future that will hopefully offer alternative sources to the insanity that continues to take place with our suppliers in the Middle East.  And lastly, I never considered the views of family and friends who agree with the Republican agenda. I’m glad their candidate lost and and I’m especially glad that they’re worried about the future because of the decision I helped to make.

Whew! Feels good to clear that up! It bothered me that people assumed I put some thought into my decision and might have actually voted according to what I felt was best for my friends, my family and my community.