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Boulder Prairie Dogs rock the vote!

A bold statement from a family that relies so heavily on government support…they must have seen the photos of Ryan pumping iron. (Photo by Jeremy Papasso /Daily Camera)

Kudos to the nut who made tiny campaign signs and then placed them at the burrows of Boulder’s Prairie Dogs. This is absolutely hysterical and you are my fun hero for the day! At the same time I offer heartfelt sympathy to the poor enforcement officer who now has to go, in full uniform, from burrow to burrow collecting the signs as the indignant little rodents pop out of their holes and chirp in your face… even worse is the possibility that removing the signs will be breaking some sort of campaign law and you are going to find yourself on a forced leave of absence due to free speech violations. I’m laughing but I promise you have my full support. Hang in there.

Let the Carl Spackler jokes begin!

Link to the article in The Daily Camera