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Spice Jones on the sidelines of the 2012 Bolder Boulder

I would have raced this year but my Olympic aspirations depend on me avoiding activities that require running (or any other exertion of energy) before 9:30 am on holidays…especially when 50,000 Boulderites are involved. L-R Erin, Spice, Janice, Chris Ratay & Peter Whatshisname.

Sorry my Memorial Day post is so delayed. I actually sat down last Tuesday and typed the most amazing entry about sitting on the sidelines of the 34th Bolder Boulder and watching over 50,000 wheelers, runners and walkers come together in one of the largest Memorial Day gatherings in the world. The post was complete with fabulous photos, hysterical captions, snark about Boulder, tears of pride, images of anguish, patriotism (with matching photo of the American Flag being carried by a group of Marines) and of course the best creative writing of my life but unfortunately I added one too many photos and the entire entry was deleted off the blog. Two hours of my best work wadded up and thrown into the virtual garbage can that holds all of WordPresses randomly deleted files.

So here’s a second attempt to recreate Memorial Day Part 1. PS, Part 2 involves me, Zippy the cat and a snake jumping around the backyard in the world’s most aggressive game of hot-snake…get it? Hot-potato but with a snake? Any hoo.

Starting line of the 2012 Bolder Boulder. Because I didn’t get out of the house in time to see the official start I’m using a photo from a staff photographer at The Denver Post

The Bolder Boulder 10K road race claims to be the largest road race in North America where all participants are timed, and potentially the largest road race in the world. Of course Atlanta’s Peachtree Road Race has over 70,000 timed runners, and, since the 70’s, has held the title for being the largest road race in the world so I’m not sure what to think of these Bolder Boulder FYIs but what I can confirm is that the 2012 Bolder Boulder was the largest 10K I saw on Memorial Day and there is no arguing that it is, without a doubt, the largest 10K in the Country of Boulder.

Jesus running the 2012 Bolder Boulder

I should be ashamed to admit that I get a kick out of most forms of sacrilegious behavior. You can’t deny there’s something about Jesus in yellow running shoes softly smiling as he kicks Captain America’s ass that makes you giggle. Photo via The Denver Post

Spice Jones 2012 Bolder Boulder Photos

50,000 people running through my neighborhood in the 2012 Bolder Boulder…I love my neighborhood!

Fortunately (for me) the race runs through my neighborhood so I was able to load my cruiser bike with a camp chair and a bag of pastries and roll a couple hundred yards down the road for all the excitement to come to me. Unlike the Peachtree, The Bolder Boulder encourages costumes and crazy antics from its runners and supporters.  And because the race is directed through the downtown neighborhoods, those who aren’t running get to participate from their own front yards… by handing out bacon, and beer, and offering street performances like garage bands, belly dancing, spiritual chanting, pole dancing on street signs (yes, pole dancing), water slides for the runners to cool off, spray hoses, and of course tons of heckling. It really is a great time to be in Boulder.

2012 Bolder Boulder

Running for 6.2 miles is definitely tough but nowhere near the challenge of hula-hooping, blowing a kazoo and waiving a pompom for 5 hours straight. Photo via The Denver Post

Boulderites blocking my view of The 2012 Bolder Boulder

I lifted a bunch of photos from The Denver Post because of these clowns…it’s a strange Boulder phenomenon where people come and stand less than 3 feet in front of you and just blatantly block your view. Chris and I call it getting Subarued because Boulderites walk like they drive, CLUELESS about anything other than themselves!!!

In my 6+ years in Boulder I’ve run the Bolder Boulder three times. I was going to run this year but decided against purchasing a number because I’ve had to waste too many entry fees due to being out of town. As much as I loved the sideline show I was sorry to miss the fun at the end of the race where everyone gathers in Folsom Stadium to wait for the professional runners to arrive…the pros start in the last wave so everyone gets a chance to cheer as they come by. Even though Boulder is a bit of an anti-government / anti-military/ anti-anything in uniform kind of community (funny considering it hosts one of the largest Memorial Day gatherings in the US) the crowd ERUPTS when the Marines bring the American Flag into the stadium and do their pushups before crossing the finish line. Of course by this time all of the amateur racers have been replenishing nutrition with free beer and energy bars so emotions are definitely amped by the time the real celebration kicks off.

Guy running in the 2012 Bolder Boulder

I don’t think this guy was in costume…

Girls cheering for The 2012 Bolder Boulder

Photo via The Denver Post

The White Rabbit running the 2012 Bolder Boulder

Photo via The Denver Post

Yellow guys running the 2012 Bolder Boulder

Photo via The Denver Post

Guys handstands at finish of 2012 Bolder Boulder

Photo via The Denver Post

Tele Tubbies run the 2012 Bolder Boulder

Photo via The Denver Post

US Marines in the 2012 Bolder Boulder

Photo via The Denver Post

Tutu in The 2012 Bolder Boulder

Photo via The Denver Post

BolderBoulder Pole Dancing

The runners find inspiration from local pole dancers. This photos belongs to Tim Bergsten

2012 Bolder Boulder Red White and Blue

Another photo from Tim Bergsten… gotta love a creative collaboration!

Clown with water cannon in 2012 Bolder Boulder

Photo via The Denver Post

Spice Jones photos 2012 Bolder Boulder

Guy running The 2012 Bolder Boulder

To show some contrast, here is a photo of a typical Boulder runner

Jesus in the 2012 Bolder Boulder

Jesus stretching out his hammies – should I credit this photo to God?

I’ll wrap up with heartfelt gratitude for everyone who participates in the Bolder Boulder, for the service men and women we celebrate on Memorial Day, and for The Denver Post for its sense of humor and fabulous photos!

Happy Summer Kickoff!!!