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Pedestrian Caution Sign in Portugal

I took this photo in Portugal thinking, "why in the world would this sign be necessary"... and now I know! My Portuguese is horrible but I'm pretty sure the words at the bottom of the yellow sign have something to do with alcohol and pedestrians not mixing. I will be sending this to City Council.

For the longest time I’ve been sharing “Today In Boulder” stories with friends and family who don’t have the pleasure of living in The People’s Republic and abiding by its crazy ideals.  I always quote the Daily Camera (the most questionable journalism on the face of the planet) to prove that I’m not making this stuff up…and to make sure mom realizes the grammatical errors are not mine.

“Police: Drunken driver tried to hit pedestrian” – The Daily Camera

“Boulder Police arrested a man they say tried to hit a pedestrian in a crosswalk while in front of an officer after the pedestrian ‘made a face’ at the driver Thursday morning”

“Eric Ryan O’Connor, 30 was arrested on suspicion of attempted vehicular assault, DUI and failure to obey a traffic signal, according to the police report”

“According to the report, an officer was stopped at red light at the corner of Walnut and 11th streets at around 1 a.m. with O’Connor’s vehicle in front of him. According to the officer, a man walking in the crosswalk made “a face” at O’Connor. While the man was still in the crosswalk, O’Connor’s vehicle made a sudden turn toward him and accelerated in what the officer deemed a manner ‘attempting to hit the pedestrian’. The pedestrian was able to leap out of the way.”

Note from Spice- this is quoted directly from the camera, I did not omit the “a” in front of “red light” and I did not construct the “at around 1 a.m.” double preposition… nor did I build a sentence containing 4 prepositions.

A few more headlines from today:

“Polish National charged in fishing rod thefts pleads guilty”

“Buddhists reach out in green effort”   *this article is printed in the paper but I can’t find the link to the online edition… typical.

“Drunken driver with STAYCLN license plate receives suspended sentence, probation”


Sigh… and that’s where I live.

Happy Saturday!

Spice Jones