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Seldom do I let the language of idiots get to me (a change in recent years) but Rush’s latest comments followed by the GOP’s “That’s not how I would have said it” response has me flabbergasted by my fellowman. I’ve been trying to sum up my thoughts with regards to this happening a week prior to International Women’s Day but Jon Stewart beat me to the punch.

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For the record, I do not keep a party affiliation. I am an Independent because I vote the issues that concern me most during each election – thank you for the right to vote my Foremothers! Having said that, for the first time in my political career I am 100% taking the “I’m NOT represented by a single thing those FAT HEADS, the Republican Candidates, have to say” stance.  On top of that, I’m freaking out by all the people who like where the debate is going and continue to applaud the crazy talk coming from the stages of the primaries.

I’m not going to argue anyone’s feeling about contraception and abortion, those views are yours to have for whatever reason you have them and I swear that I respect you for them.  But I do care if you agree with the idea that women are not capable of making intelligent, morally conscious and compassionate decisions for themselves and their families. If you believe a woman (I’m talking legal adults, 18+) should be required to get permission from her husband or some “health professional” before being allowed to follow through with her decisions then you and I have a fundamental problem and not only do I want all of your basic rights taken away but I want you in a dark hole, away from the next generation, for eternity.  I’ll even send weekly care packages to make sure you stay there.

I cannot believe I still have to protest this shitHappy International Woman’s Day!