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Thank goodness for the women who have the balls to write what the rest of us are thinking…even if it is anonymous. So many times I’ve considered starting a “Secret Contributor” page just so I can comment on the crazy talk that often comes out of the mouths of my nearest and dearest. But I’d never do it, people would figure me out and even after I made all the necessary (insincere) apologies the hurt feelings would continue to resurface and eventually (waaaay in the future) I’d either feel badly about the things I shared or I’d get preggers and have to eat my words.

I’ve kept this secret delight (reading Childless Bitch) to myself but after a like minded friend (who actually came up with the “No Income No Kids” tag) posted this on her Facebook wall I had to share it here.

I May Be Childless, But I’m Not a Disease | momlogic.com.

PS, the best part of Childless Bitch’s articles are all the comments people write defending their parenting against her accusations. The keys on their computers must be smashed to bits from typing with so much anger.