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How fabulous is the face slap?! I’m one of those Sophia Loren types who wants women to still be able to slap rude men across the face. Did I type that out loud? Ooops!  I absolutely love the guy’s shocked expression after she whacks the living daylights out of him for giving a double take on her long and lean tires… as if she was the most beautiful calculator he’d ever seen.

But seriously, who can blame him? Even I’m willing to admit that I can’t take my eyes off of this woman. Seeing her and the way she’s dressed has done more for my fitness resolutions then all of Rodney Yee’s Yoga tapes combined! And doesn’t it make so much more sense to have a High Fashion Italian Vixen in a Fiat commercial then JLo?

In all seriousness, from the casting to the script to the wardrobe to the look and feel of the entire spot, this is possibly an all time favorite for me!

Speaking of Italian Vixens, here’s a little O-mage (Homage) to the most beautiful woman on earth!