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Kababy Bracelet, Red silk tied around my wristI’ve been wearing this silk string for exactly two weeks. It was tied to my wrist during a baby shower to act as a reminder for me (and 28 other ladies) to spiritually support a girlfriend through the last two months of her Chinese adoption process. After four years of ups and downs we were finally able to shower our friend with love (and little dresses), and begin the official countdown for Thea’s arrival to Boulder. Yeaaa Thea!

By the way, I think it’s hysterical that I’m calling it a “Ka-Baby” bracelet! Get it? Kabbalah? Ashton and Demi’s red bracelets? No? Not funny? Am I really the only one getting this joke? (crickets) Alrighty then…

In addition to the excitement of meeting little Thea from China, I’m wearing this bracelet in joyful expectation of another little friend set to arrive in Atlanta this very week. In the most random twist of social events, the Universe put us in touch with a Boulder couple heading to Atlanta to wait for the birth of their adopted daughter. The original request, made by a friend of a mutual friend, was to suggest some things to do while waiting for baby to arrive but after hearing their adoption story and then learning their baby is actually being delivered 2 miles from our Atlanta home, Chris and I offered for them to cancel their hotel reservations and use our nest while waiting for the legal system to say it’s ok to bring baby back Boulder. Yeaaaa Little Atlanta Baby Who Didn’t Have A Name The Last Time I Spoke To Her Parents!

In all sincerity, I take the requests to spiritually support family and friends very seriously so my wearing a reminder bracelet is probably a little more fashion-driven than symbolic. But I have to admit, having a fashionable talisman to prove to others that there’s a sweet nature under all this snark feels kind of nice too… and perhaps a tad superior to those who aren’t in the process of welcoming babies into the world – is this what motherhood feels like?