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Girl eating cookiesAfter mindlessly grazing through Monday, Tuesday AND Wednesday I decided to pull up the old resolutions to re-energize my 2012 commitment to health and fitness and to once again remind myself that women without work or kids should probably have slammin’ bodies. Oh how the delight meter soared (insert snark) when this little empowerment exercise reminded me of the four Colorado triathlons I’ve sworn to complete by the end of this summer…

Three thoughts came to mind:

1. Who forgets a resolution like that?

2. What was I thinking, and why the number four?

3. Where’s all the spunk and energy I had when writing these resolutions? “Under the 18″ of snow you were bragging about on Monday” says the bag of chips sitting in my lap. “Thanks for the reminder bag of chips” says Spice… as you can see, the snow really does a number on my enthusiasm for exercise.

Woman shopping produce

Look how busy life can get! This is exactly why I don't have time to Tri.

Feeling a bazillion reasons for why I probably shouldn’t sign up for these so called “triathlons” (using quotes and questioning the validity of triathlons makes no sense but this is where my mind was headed), I grabbed my phone and sent a text to Chris telling him I had just signed up for the mother of all tris, the one I’ve been threatening to do for the last 4 years but have weaseled out of with lame excuses of oil changes and grocery shopping, The Steamboat Springs, 1500m swim / 25 mile bike / 6.5 mile run, camp the night before, requires a wetsuit, no dogs allowed, Triathlon for Total Badasses!!! And then I immediately went to the website to make sure they were still taking entries.

I’m in it people! And because it’s such a pig of a race I’m going to be participating in the weekly Stroke-n-Strides at the Boulder Res to prepare…basically a triathlon every week.  And that, my friends, is how you check-off resolutions!

But just in case my humble story of getting back on track isn’t inspiring you to impulsively sign up for the most extreme thing you can imagine, perhaps these wonderful things will.

BellaMUMMA’s steps for getting happy!

In honor of Mitt Romney getting glitter bombed… it’s CRAFT TIME!!!

Revamp your social circle with The Simply Luxurious – this is really good!

Goat cheese and tomato tarts are always in season!

A slice of Summer is good for the soul!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Wonderful photos via BellaMUMMA & Slim Paley – a new favorite blog with fabulous pics!