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Box of Goobers Candy

Technically it would take 8 days to eat this box of Goobers

BAAAWAAAHAHAHAHA!!!! (Chris laughing).  I know it sounds loopy but I’m gonna give it try because the “look at the French, they eat all those rich sauces and cheeses and never gain an ounce” reasoning kinda tickles my emotional eating fancy and I’m still one of those women who believe the French have life figured out.

Apparently you can eat whatever you want whenever you want but you can only take one bite a minute. Not a big bite, not a tiny little wee bite, but a normal, you can fit another bite that’s the same size into your mouth, bite. And the second rule of the One Bite A Minute Plan is to stop when you’re no longer hungry. This doesn’t mean stop when you’re stuffed or when your plate is clear, but instead you use the time between bites to listen to your body and learn when you are truly satisfied… or (fingers crossed) you just stop remembering to take more bites.

So far it’s been a positive experience (I actually started 4 days ago)… when I can remember to time myself. I did actually forget to eat more Goobers during Mission Impossible 3 but I’m guessing this had more to do with feeling guilty for eating Chris’ candy after refusing my own box when the offer was made; a little game I like to call, “Even though I eat candy, I still don’t eat candy”.  I have discovered that I’m putting much more thought into snacking throughout the day because the idea of having to stop what I’m doing to spend 5 minutes in the kitchen timing my bites has become a pretty successful discouragement. It’s possible that I’m not eating as much at meals because I’m feeling “content” sooner then I do when I scarf down a whole plate in less than five minutes, but this aspect of the diet will require a little more research before I can confirm success.

So far the only drawback is having to keep my phone on the table so that I have a way to keep track of the minutes. Unfortunately my internal clock is screwed up due to the many times mom left us in the car with promises of “I’ll be back in a minute” only to return 3 hours later.  After Taffy put me in the grocery store ice-cream freezer and I had to be released by another shopper who then returned me, shivering, to my very angry mother, we were forever left in the car… can you blame the poor woman?

I’ll keep you posted on the progress through Friday Resolution updates… a new blogging resolution I just came up with. If you’d like to see the rest of my resolutions, click on this! If you’d like to try the One Bite A Minute Plan and compare progress then by all means share share share!