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I bought this card to send to myself

One of my sneaky pleasures is snapping photos of random things and sending them to friends and family in hopes of making them spew coffee across the table during important business meetings. I call it Photo Bombing and the thought of it actually working makes me laugh hysterically.

Greeting cards, street signs, advertisements, excerpts from small town newspapers, little kids with their shirts tucked in their underwear…pretty much anything that a sweet person would express concern over, I find funny. Some people collect stamps or coins, I collect funny moments.

Courtship: A woman pursuing her man until he catches her.

This is how I caught Chris

Sometimes my photo bombs are out of focus because I’m trying to take the pic without getting caught; like when this shop owner made it clear that she’d rather I purchase the cards instead of taking photos of them. And sometimes they’re out of focus because I’m trying to stifle a sadistic giggle long enough to hold the camera still… and then there are the shots I’m trying to snap while driving (I know, I know, and I swear I’m stopping). Basically what I’m saying is that all of my photo bombs are out of focus.

Forest Service Danger Sign

Hand to god, this was a sign on my way to meet Chris in Oregon's National Forest

I do want to share (because I’m somewhat of a sweet person) that my point is never to make fun of someone. I sincerely detach the moment from the person and can appreciate the fact that sometimes, stable, sane, pulled-together people do things that are extremely out of character (myself included). BUUUUT,  I still feel it’s my duty to use those things to help friends and family who aren’t stable, sane or pulled together (myself included) feel better about themselves…and it really works.

Any who, I thought I’d start sharing some of my collection on this blog. Until I can trust that you won’t judge me by my humor I’m going to stick to the more PC pics.


Mistress Of Nothing

An autobiography by Spice Jones

Boulder B Cycle reaching out to the common man.

I'm guessing there have been issues in the past... and yes, we stayed in this motel.

Cue the sweet people - "Ohhhh!!! Oh my goodness, that's not very nice at all!"

Have a great weekend!