Juicing Day!!!


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Vegetable Juice made at home

Left= cukes, celery, apples, ginger. Right = red beets, ginger, apples, carrots. All together they = three days of SHAZAM! Juice recipes are at the bottom of the post.

You guessed it, I’m one of those organic shopping, granola eating, vegetable juicing, vegan(ish)*, Boulderites. And I love it!

Juice Prep

I juiced the cukes before I thought to take a photo. If I shop organics at Safeway I can get my week’s worth of juicing for about $20-$30 bucks. When I shop at Wholefoods it’s about $10-$15 more. My top priority with stuff like this it to keep it easy- where I am is where I shop.

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#JohnStamos #heartthrob #crushrevival


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Chris has been working with John Stamos on Necessary Roughness and I’m pretty much beside myself. Hoping that posting pics here will help me resist the urge to plaster the bedroom with old Teen Beat posters… because if I did that Chris will stop telling me what John is eating for lunch.

Original John Stamos Head Shot

John Stamos tweeted this head shot out with a note saying something like “If a dork from Orange County can make it…” You, John Stamos, were never a dork.

Can't find photo credit so I'm guessing "Full House" days?

Can’t find photo credit so I’m guessing “Full House” days? General Hospital?

Johns Stamos with a mullet

Loving my generation right now!

John Stamos mid 80's (?)

The way he looked when I developed the first crush…sigh.

John Stamos June of 2012. And finally, how he looked when I developed the third...this week.

John Stamos June of 2012…double sigh.








Signs Of Summer


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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Life With Chris


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“You know you’re eating a bug… it’s ’cause of the legs.”

Subaru’s “Let’s Do That” commercial is a new favorite. Probably because it feels like a page out of my life with Chris…especially the scene at the hot springs.

Let’s Do That!