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Vegetable Juice made at home

Left= cukes, celery, apples, ginger. Right = red beets, ginger, apples, carrots. All together they = three days of SHAZAM! Juice recipes are at the bottom of the post.

You guessed it, I’m one of those organic shopping, granola eating, vegetable juicing, vegan(ish)*, Boulderites. And I love it!

Juice Prep

I juiced the cukes before I thought to take a photo. If I shop organics at Safeway I can get my week’s worth of juicing for about $20-$30 bucks. When I shop at Wholefoods it’s about $10-$15 more. My top priority with stuff like this it to keep it easy- where I am is where I shop.

The vegetarianism started back at UGA when I took a job in the dining hall to avoid having to “waste money” on the meal plan. I lived on one free meal a day through both my freshman and sophomore years.

One of my first responsibilities was to unload all the boxes of freshly processed chickens meant to feed the 3000 students served at The Creswell Dining Hall during each meal. Handling three thousand bloody, feather-covered, breasts and thighs made the bile in my stomach…well, that’s probably all you need to hear about that.

Anywho, as my dining hall experience moved me from food-prep station to food-prep station my diet whittled down to two tomato sandwiches (that I washed and sliced myself) and a couple of bananas each day. Instead of gaining the freshman 15 I actually lost 20 pounds by the end of the first quarter.

Juice Pulp

Much to Chris’ delight, the juice pulp has become a very interesting medium in kitchen stadium. I hated wasting all that goodness so I started making pulp crackers, pulp fritters, pulp patties and pulp marinara. Sometimes they’re pretty awesome… and sometimes they aren’t.

Even though I still contend with many of the food issues developed during my dining hall days (see list is below), now my primary reason for keeping a healthy diet is because it feels good… I don’t beat myself up when I indulge in the finer things in the fridge – ice-cream, chocolate, cake, chocolate cake. Which explains the “ish” on “veganish”, I don’t eat meat, dairy or eggs but at the same time I refuse to always refuse my favorite sweets (or Chris’ French toast).

If you’re interested, here are my juicing recipes:

Three quarts of green juice = Three large cucumbers, two apples, a full head of celery and an inch of peeled ginger. Juice it all together and then divide into three quart jars (should be half a quart each). Top off with tap water or coconut water.

Three quarts of red juice = Four medium red beets (sometimes I use golden, just depends on which ones look best), a one pound bag of carrots, an apple, and an inch of peeled ginger. Juice it all together and then divide into three quart jars (approx a third quart each). Top off with tap water or coconut water.

*I don’t necessarily sub juice for meals but I do find that I’ve naturally backed off on the amounts of food I eat during the day. I juice twice a week because the required cleanup is just too much to tackle on a daily basis. So far I have yet to feel like the quality of the juice diminishes from day one to day three. I also stopped juicing kale and the other leafy greens, there just isn’t enough bang for the buck so I stick with eating my greens and juicing the more rewarding veggies.

Juice Pulp Crackers

Juice Pulp Cracker Ingredients

I use about a quarter cup of grape seed oil and then shake the spices up according to what I have in the pantry. I used curry and coconut oil in my latest batch and have to say that I’m pretty pleased.

I don’t use a dehydrator (takes up too much space and is too friggin’ loud) so I just mix everything together and then spread it (thinly) onto a parchment lined cookie sheet and pop it into a 300 degree oven for about an hour and a half. If parts are still soft/mushy I’ll turn down the heat and leave it in for a little longer. The edges will be overdone but the interior parts will be perfect.

*Keep in mind, granola eaters and health food freaks will appreciate pulp crackers much more than most. Bean dips are great for beginners.

And that’s that! Juice and enjoy!

An abbreviated list of Spice’s eating issues.

Can’t eat in smelly places

Can’t eat at a wet table

Can’t eat something delivered by someone with a dirty uniform, dandruff, acne, obvious lack of face washing skills, dirty hands… overall, I’d say a server’s cleanliness is the biggest challenge I face in restaurants.

Can’t eat when someone is vacuuming

Can’t eat when someone is sweeping

Can’t sit near a table of elderly people who are eating

Can’t eat off of buffets unless I’m starving

Can’t eat for over an hour if I see a child with food crusted on its face

Can’t eat in restaurants with sanitation grades below 92…as long as the infractions have nothing to do with cleanliness.

Can’t eat things from bake sales.

Can’t eat things from people who allow pets in their kitchens.

Prefer not to drink out of reusable plastic cups (like the ones in cafeterias).

Currently there are only six people I can share a fork with.

Can’t eat near the restaurant kitchen

Can’t eat near the bathroom

Can’t eat if I have lake water or river water on my hands.

Can’t eat in hospitals.

Can’t eat when someone is talking about bodily concerns / functions / illness

Can’t eat fish purchased from the Safeway at Iris and 28th.

I’d love to say that this is the end of the list but unfortunately is goes on and on. I’m going to bring it to a close.