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Martha wins the Marriage Equality political statement photo contest.

Martha wins the Marriage Equality political statement photo contest.

I wish I knew how to type in that bratty little mimicking voice my older sisters would use to tease me into tears throughout elementary school…and middle school and high school and college and even now when I’m home for the holidays. “But it’s for the wittle itty bitty chilwren… wah wah wah, ya little brat. Go tell mom (insert a roundhouse to the shoulder blades followed by a face smear into the carpet) you think I won’t kill you when she leaves?”

But seriously, the naysayers to marriage equality have a lot of explaining to do if they’re honestly going to use the “but it’s what’s best for the kids” defense. Until I see the individuals who feel this way spending their own time and money (I’m talking about actually doing something, not just voting or telling the gov what to do) to empty the orphanages, to get all children out of abusive homes, to empower single moms, to teach teens how great life is when you DON’T get knocked up, to increase funds for public education, to reduce the cost of college, and to make it a point to show all children love and compassion, I will never believe that this has anything to do with wanting what’s best for kids. Judgment and discomfort always shine through the pretty talk.

The other night I was in a Super Target in Atlanta and could hear a tiny little guy walking around lost and sobbing for his father. He must have passed 20 adults before he got to my aisle. His little voice had reached panic mode and his eyes were swollen with tears. I asked him if I could help and then left my cart (OH THE SACRIFICE!) and took the 10 min to walk and talk until we found his dad. I knew there was a chance that I’d have to begin shopping all over again but how could I let such a precious little thing be so terrified? (Now don’t get me wrong, I still don’t like kids).

I imagine every single person he passed would swear (with tears in their eyes) that they want what’s best for kids…yet when given the chance to show this little guy a safe environment their actions made their convictions clear.

Now I get that this has nothing to do with marriage equality. But in my mind it has everything to do with the proof that society is clueless when it comes to the “kind” of love kids need.

You’ve seen it before but I think it’s worth watching again. Keep in mind, if even one kid turns out “ok” then the entire stupid myth about gay parents damaging children has been busted.

And just for good measure, there are about a bazillion other kids with same sex parents who are pretty awesome too!