Picking up from my last post…

Our fabulous condo in Atlanta’s Historic Inman Park – love this place!

I keep fussing that “I came back to Boulder” because I really needed to be in Atlanta the first few weeks of April. After many months of working through bylaws and HUD hoops, Chris and I were able to wrangle the real estate deal OF THE CENTURY and pick up a two bedroom unit on the top floor of our condo association. We were very sorry to see a neighbor and friend lose his home due to difficult times but after watching this little property sit on the HUD market for almost a year (along with being on the HOA board and dealing with the stresses caused by unpaid dues in such a small association), I am very pleased that Chris and I were able to not only purchase the unit for ourselves but we were happy to be able to bring some resolution to the stresses our little community was feeling from this “distressed property”.

Wedding photos are after the jump so keep reading!

We expected to close in early March but after all the government delays (which we still can’t figure out) we closed in mid-April, leaving us exactly two weeks to scrub the new place, paint and repair damages, replace missing appliances, find a renter for the one bedroom unit and then move all of our belongings from the second floor to the third. We’ve done more in less time so this wouldn’t have been a big deal except Chris was scheduled to work the entire time and I had to return to Boulder for the job from hell (blog post to come as soon as I get paid).

Before I start explaining how we can’t work together I thought I’d post a photo proving that we are the perfect team!

Times like these are when our “individualities” really shine through… a polite way of describing how stubbornly different Chris and I can get when last minute problem solving is required. I’m a Type-A planner / organizer whereas Chris is a Type-laid back do what you can and modify when you need to…we’re just like a pea and an angry cat in a pod. Good news though, we found a renter 2 hours after posting this add on Craiglist and it turned out that he needed to move in the following week. This left us one week to get everything sorted out…and I was flying back to Boulder the next day.

In a fit of tears I left Chris and an outrageous amount of work that he promised would fit into the nonexistent free time he would have during the following week and traveled back to Boulder to embark on a project I knew I’d regret. In the end, with the help of his sister, Chris managed to get everything sorted out in time for the renter to move in while I continued to pull my hair out in Boulder.

At the same time as the move and the job from hell, the weekend of April 14th rolled around bringing with it the first BIG wedding of the season for Calluna Events. Even though it was slated to be a TON of work, I was really looking forward to this one because it was going to require three wonderful days of wedding bliss in a multimillion dollar mansion with Heather and Gabbie (the fabulous Calluna ladies) in Snowmass Colorado. Weddings of this nature are truly a sight to behold so I’ll let the photos walk you through it.

I didn’t want the homeowner to notice my obvious gawking so these photos were taken in haste each time he turned his back. The main floor was used for greeting the guests, serving hot cocoa and wrapping the ladies in embroidered blankets so they would stay warm during the outside ceremony.

The Bride was amazing, Robin Proctor’s photos capture her spirit to a T. All of the following photos (with the exception of the crummy one at the end) are Robin’s.

I LOVE a bride in vintage fur… one of the advantages of Colorado weddings.

The wedding took place on a the patio overlooking Snowmass Mountain. The snow started to fall just as they began repeating their vows. A fairytale to say the least!

It’s all in the details!

The groom was a firefighter so his comrades surprised him by bringing up the local Hook-and-Ladder to carry the newlyweds away at the end of the night. I’m sure the neighbors appreciated the sirens just as much as they appreciated “Brickhouse” and “You Dropped A Bomb On Me”. I think it was the best send off to date!

By the end of the night around 18″ of snow had fallen and the entire scene turned into a winter wonderland. As beautiful as it was, the conditions turned pretty dangerous so wrap out for the vendors was pretty precarious (to say the least) and I actually left my car at the house so the three of us could drive back to the condo together; fully expecting to be digging ourselves out of a ditch or two. Sounds a little strange but the concerns were worth the opportunity to see the last snow of the season in such a beautiful place.

For a full list of vendors for this wedding click on Robin’s link or for more information about Colorado Weddings hop over to Heather’s Blog at Calluna Events, she’s the Owner of Calluna and deserves ALL of the credit for this wedding. My only role on this one was to schmooze the grandmothers and provide heavy lifting throughout the day…my two specialties!

And that’s all for this one. I can see that my weekly wrap-ups are evolving into long “poor me” stories with a few “lucky me” points sprinkled here and there… hang in there if you can and I’ll do my best to speed things up!  Oh, I forgot, Chris actually returned to Boulder on the 14th so as soon as I wrapped the wedding weekend I was finally able to spend some time feeling like a married woman… by doing laundry and cooking for two.