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Chris and Spice Jones in the sahra desert

Chris and I in the Sahara, 2011. I tried to find a picture of me with a kid to show how much I like them but I don't have any. But still, do I honestly look like a woman with no income and no kids? Wait, don't answer that!

I realize the title of this post suggests that I’m either pregnant or I’ve gotten a job… sorry mom.

So the blog has been talking to me and I’m feeling that “NINK” isn’t really representative of who I am so I’ve decided to finally purchase the domain for “Spice Jones” and switch everything over to a name that truly says “me” (har har har). Hey, finally something positive about not having followers! Just in case you’re wondering, my name really is Spice Jones… Sunday Spice Jones to be exact.

I truly liked “NINK” and loved that it gave everyone a good chuckle. But in all honesty, as much as it represents exactly who I am to those who know me, I think it implies the exact opposite of who I am to those who don’t…especially to mothers who hear it for the first time.  What made the term fun was its implication that I would be dishing bitter bitchiness toward successful women and their tots when in reality I’m not bitter, I’m actually successful and I get a pretty big kick out of little kids. But, for obvious reasons, people who don’t know me weren’t getting the joke…curses on my twisted sense of humor! In the end “Spice Jones” seems like the best way to describe me, an easy going snark who loves everything I hate just as much as I hate everything I love so I’ve finally accepted the obvious… you can read the rest on the “About Spice” tab.

The other reason for changing the name of the blog is the fact that since I became a “Jones” people have been saying (lying?) “Spice Jones is the most AWESOME name EVER!”. For the longest time I thought they were just being nice about something so obviously weird but after 6 years I can’t deny how much people love saying “Spice Jones”. Sometimes when I’m talking with someone I will hear them whisper my name over and over again throughout an entire conversation – hysterical! And it never fails, when I’m out running errands I always hear “SPIIICE JONEZZZZ!!!” from someone who sees me across a parking lot.

I try not to forget how crazy my name sounds to people who have never heard it but you have to remember, growing up with a “cute” name is PAINFUL!!! Especially when it’s a name that triggers older men to repeat nursery rhymes and point out the fact that there’s a porn Channel called “SPICE” on television…ilk! The worst were the women who said “but it’s such a cute name” as if I’d asked for some sort of comfort. The move to Boulder coincided with the name change so I figured the positive attention had more to do with starting fresh in a “Spice”-less community then switching from one dull Welsh name (Griffith) to another (Jones) but come to find out, for no reason at all, people can’t resist screaming “SPICE JONES!!!!” whenever they see me.

And I love the attention!


PS, for those of you thinking it has to do with Spike Jonze it doesn’t, the people in Boulder haven’t a clue as to who he is.