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Thought I’d share a few snipits from this past week along with my quest to find a Valentine for Chris. Yes I know it’s a week after the fact, but Chris has been out of town since before Valentine’s Day so I’m good on time.

Feb 13, 2012 – An honest attempt at buying a Valentine before the actual day

Ten20 Nail Salon in Boulder Co

Ten20 offers unlimited M&Ms and shows non-stop re-runs of "Friends"... it truly is the answer to almost all of my girly needs.

Lindsey and Alyssa, The Catering By Design ladies treated us, The Calluna Ladies, to lunch and then pedis at Ten20, the absolute best nail salon in Colorado!!! Our date lasted from noon until 5…I’m sure (like me) you’re wondering “How does she fit it all in?”

Anita at Ten20 is pissed

So I tried to take a photo of Anita's pissed expression while she was working on my heels but the flash went off and she gave me the evil eye for taking a photo (as seen above). I feigned ABSOLUTE SHOCK (!) about accidentally hitting the wrong button and taking a photo but she read right through me. Heather (Owner of Calluna Events) is in the background.

Tu-Ha is my absolute favorite at Ten20 and I always request her but unfortunately she wasn’t avail and because this was a gift from the Catering By Design girls for all of our wedding collaborations I ended up with Angry Anita… who was especially angry after I took this photo. Usually I can find something “bathy” for Chris at Ten20 but no luck, all of their gifts were pretty girly this time around.

February 13, 2012, PM – Still looking for a Valentine for Chris

Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar at Peace Love & ChocolateAfter the wonderful afternoon with the ladies I hit Piece Love & Chocolate in hopes of finding the perfect Valentine. After picking up and putting down over 20 things Chris couldn’t possibly live without I ended up leaving with three free samples of Chocolate Cheesecake and this reminder photo of Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar just in case I’m ever looking for another gift for Chris. PS, their Mole Truffle is the most amazing thing on earth!

Photo of "A Guide For The Unlucky" - pop-up bookAfter the crash and burn (and free chocolate) at Peace Love & Chocolate I stepped into what is perhaps my favorite shop in Boulder, Two Hands Paperie to at least find a card. But after seeing the exact card I purchased last year, with the intentions of saving it for this year, I ended up browsing books… a pop-up Guide for the Unlucky? After a short gander I took this reminder photo for a few of the people in my life.

Tues, Wed, Thurs = one day of laying around while missing Chris on Valentine’s Day and two days of getting back on track with fresh salads and disciplined writing.

Friday, February 17th

Photo of Town and Country Landscapping, Denver Home and Garden Show 2012

Skip ahead, skip ahead, to later in the week and a reconnection with a childhood friend turned high school frenemy because she was always so much taller and prettier and more popular than me…I blame my mother for not letting me wear makeup or date until the age of 16. I had not seen Laura since high school graduation in nineteen-bra-ha-ha-oh-um-cough but after reconnecting on Facebook we discovered that we both lived in Colorado and were really excited about catching up. Laura and her husband have two kids and own a successful landscaping business that is always the main feature at the Denver Home and Garden Show so we decided to meet there.  It was a quick visit and I didn’t get a photo of Laura but she looked amazing and life sounds great. We have plans to get together in the next week or two so I’ll post a photo then. For some strange reason I tend to shy away from things like this but I’m so glad I made myself see it through, catching up was lots of fun and I think she’s the exact personality I’ve been missing since moving to Boulder.

Bang in Denver is the best!

Considered giving Chris a Bang T-Shirt but they didn't have my fav color in his size.

From the Garden Show I hit Bang in Denver to meet a potential bride and her mother for formal introductions and a long conversation about their wedding in August… always “their wedding” when talking to a mother/ daughter combo. Their wedding will be at The Ritz in Bachelor Gulch and because they were so lovely and I know how amazing weddings are at The Ritz my fingers are crossed that they will want to book with me. In other news, meeting at Bang while on an aggressive fast was the worst decision of my week.

Photo of a Belt Buckle from Sweet letter Press

A Belt Buckle from Sweetbird Studio...I felt like I had to steal the photos so forgive the quality.

After Bang (and breaking my fast for their calamari) I took the show back to Boulder to meet my friend Sahra for a Jewelry opening at Sweetbird Studio and a gab session about life. I was THRILLED to discover Sweetbird Studio is actually a jeweler I’ve been trying to find for the last three years!!! I happened across her work during an art-walk in ’09 and FELL IN LOVE with her style.  I was so happy at the prospects of finally being able to buy one of her rings that I could have cried right then and there, but I had to keep my vision clear to take it all in. Unfortunately she doesn’t make things Chris would wear so I didn’t find him a gift… which meant no temporary satisfaction of at least having one of her creations in the house until I can afford one of my own. To wrap up the evening we landed in Aji for tapas and long chat.

Wall Of Belt Buckles at Sweet Letter Press

Wall Of Belt Buckles at Sweetbird Studio. If Chris ever asks about a gift to give me nudge him in this direction and suggest that I love her rings... and her bracelets.

After 5 days of shopping for m-sweetie I have nothing to show for it but a bunch of random thoughts with matching photos (and a pedi!) I’m guessing those of you who aren’t from Boulder are thinking “What does this woman do again?” or “Thank god she isn’t responsible for a kid!” so I’ll let this last photo be enough of my “snipits for now”.

As I say in Mexico, “Oh me vida”…which is supposed to mean “Oh my life!” but considering the blank stares I’ve gotten when using that expression around Spanish speakers I’m pretty sure it doesn’t mean anything at all!