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Snowman at Hall Ranch, Boulder Co

I always appreciate when others leave smile-worthy art for all to enjoy

Last Friday Boulder set a record for the most snow to ever fall during the month of February. More than eighteen inches came down in less than 24 hours, turning Boulder into one of the most magical snowy wonderlands I’ve ever seen. I know the storm was a pain for many commuters but because I never have to be anywhere at any particular time (a lifestyle element I’ve worked hard to keep) I was able to enjoy the weather with a warm fire, a grilled cheese sammie, and my handsome husband…far from the commuting population.

Snowshoeing at Hall Ranch

Erin is in front, I'm in the middle and Joanne is bringing up the rear

The snow stopped early Saturday morning so I knocked out my volunteer shoveling responsibilities early enough to join some friends for a snowshoe trek on Hall Ranch, an area of Open Spaces located outside of the funky little town of Lyons.

Snowshoe at Hall Ranch

L-R = Spice, Janice, Erin

Snowshoe at Hall Ranch

Sometimes juicy gossip really can stop you in your tracks! I took this thinking I'll always remember what this conversation was about - and how we all squealed "YOU"RE KIDDING!!!"

Snowy Field, Hall Ranch Colorado

And this is where I live... sigh.

Snowshoe at Hall Ranch

And this is one of the many things I get to do in the place that I live... sigh.

I’m so grateful for the beauty we brought into our lives by moving to Boulder. I might have my social issues with this crazy little town but I will never take the amazing lifestyle it affords for granted.

Bench Plaque at Hall Ranch

This bench was dedicated to Curtis. I don't know Curtis but I can only imagine that he represented beautiful things for many people. What an amazing tribute.