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Corral Lizzard Western BootsAt first I wasn’t going to post this but after wearing them 80 + hours over the last 5 days I feel like everyone in B-town has seen them and I have this insane need (vanity) to keep showing them off!

I don’t know how he did it, especially considering I’ve tried on every style, make and model of boot from Atlanta to Oregon via Texas, New Mexico and California in the past 5 years and have not been able to find a single pair that didn’t have some sort of “meh” about them…price stopped being an issue about 3 years ago when I started sacrificing my jeans budget for a healthier boot budget… but somehow he found the perfect fit, cut, length, color, style, distress, shape, heel, comfort, sexy yet casual, ornamental yet functional, no floral inlay, no crystals, no crosses, hand stitched, lizard (inside and out), Hecho En Mexico with an extra je ne sais quoi that magically makes my lips curl into a sly grin, amazing boots and I love him for it!

All compliments, oohhs and aahhs can be left in the comments section at the bottom of this post… or emailed, FB’d to friends, tweeted and shouted from the rooftops near enough for me to hear.

Thought that just entered my mind – does his motive for gifting me fashion boots have something to do with my 5 year old garden / special occasion jeans? Are these actually just a hint for me to finally purchase something that doesn’t involve pockets over my kidneys? Hmmmm.