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East Maroon Bells Pass, Aspen to Crested Butte
2012 Resolution #2, many more hikes with fabulous friends!

Here I sit (in Atlanta) with 22 days left in 2011 realizing that I managed to keep up with every resolution except for one, blogging. Had I kept up with my 2011 blog you’d know what my other resolutions were and you’d be able to congratulate me… but I didn’t and now I’m not sitting here at the end of 2011 feeling the love from my internet family (sigh, poor me).  I don’t understand what the problem is because I love blogging. I love sharing the crazy thoughts and photos from the day and I especially love weighing in on things that are absolutely none of my business!

So I’m going to start again. My first resolution of 2012 will be to blog (sometimes microblog) for the entire year. I admit that this is probably my umpteenth blog and I’ve done nothing to prove that I’ll be able to stick to this one anymore then I’ve stuck to the others (other then turning 40 last July and becoming a completely new woman!) but I’m refusing to feel apologetic. Much like Hollywood starlets who, year after year, return to rehab with a new determination, I’m going to keep starting blogs until one finally gives me the fix I want. Fingers crossed this will be it.

If you’re interested, here are some of my other 2012 Resolutions:

-THE BOOK!!! My writer’s block has gotten ridiculous, I’m a writer who LOVES to write but I won’t do it on a regular basis. So I’m vowing to finish my first two books (rough drafts) by my birthday in July!

-10 lbs by the beginning of March – a little more then I need to lose but this way I’ll feel great long before I reach my goal. Mind games are crucial in my world.

-4 Triathlons in Colorado – I’ve been racing in Atlanta to avoid the cold water but the expense of traveling my gear is getting pretty silly so I need to bite the bullet and race in Colorado.

-Looking respectable at least 4 days a week. I need to stop being lazy and make the effort to for my man. Wearing my garden clothes in public has gotten out of control and even though Boulder takes pride in being voted GQ’s 40th worst dressed city in the nation I know better…and even though he doesn’t say anything I know Chris will appreciate having a respectable lady on his arm. Lipstick and brushed hair, 4 days a week, no exceptions.

-In addition to these I will continue with my yearly promises to first and foremost be grateful for each and every blessing I have and to be a happy wife, to ONLY use reusable grocery sacks, to volunteer, to make the bed each day, to go with my gut when it tells me to delete things from emails before I hit send, to stick to my weekly menus, to not jam my schedule with fluff, to keep negative people at arm’s length, to fix things fast, to only buy quality clothing, and to keep an eye out for the elderly and make sure they know that I care about what they have to say.

I’m sure there are more but I’m starting to overwhelm myself so I’m going to sign off on this, my Pre-2012 New Year’s Resolution to Blog More, Blog Entry.

Happy Holidays!!!


A photo of Erin, Joanne, Fawn and Spice Jones on West Maroon Pass, 2011

13,000' on West Maroon Pass, Sept 2011. Erin, Fawn, Spice, Joanne (R-L)...all NINKs!